Bowling Green Mini Camp + Schedule

Mark Murphy returns to his Alma Mater, Bowling Green State University, in Ohio for a 3 day mini camp. Indian Summer will be in full swing with the smell of Fall air and the multi-colored leaves that will, no doubt, sprinkle the BGSU campus.

Kannan ABC Book from India

Thursday, October 1, features the Ohio premiere of Scribble.08, the fine art documentary that is slowly making its way across the nation. The Maumee Indoor Theater will feature the film with a passionate overview and introduction by Scribble’s director, Mark Murphy. Festivities begin at 7pm and donations will go towards the Toledo chapter of AIGA.

personal sketchbooks where all of the magic begins

Friday, October 2, features the return of Mark Murphy, the product of a small graphic design department held in 3 rooms above the student hospital. Needless to say, a lot has changed after 20 years, and the campus has invested-o-plenty in state of the art design goodness. Mark will be performing a free event, starting at 5pm, at the BGSU Bowen-Thompson Student Union Theater. For those who wish to instigate lively discussion, prizes will be awarded. (PS it was a miracle to complete all of the homework at this higher learning establishment as the social agenda was stacked, including 4 years of dedicated service to SICSIC).

one of my favorite zines by Margaret Kilgallen for Deitch Projects 09/99-10/99

Saturday, October 3, features the last event of this great adventure, “Zine Machine.” “Zine Machine“ is a passionate introduction to the world of self-promotion. Jenn Stucker, has all of the details for the how, when and where. All I know is that if you have something to say, cool visuals you wish to share or in need of spicing up your portfolio, this is the project for you. There will be plenty of “Zine” examples on hand, an interactive workshop and lecture to get you started and push you into artistic stardom. (If you attend you will receive free goodness).

collaboration examples with great artists featuring Jeff Soto

This should be an eventful 3 days. Kind thank you’s to Jenn Stucker, AIGA Toledo, BGSU Graphic Design, BGSU and Homewood Press. And of course, advanced thanks to all of those who will work hard to make these events possible. Looking forward to returning back to BGSU where a B in English simply will not do. Saturday’s were meant for 5-hour English proficiency tests, just to prove you could pass. (Please do not judge my literacy inadequacies).

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