Retinal Delights + Green Day Book Package

Happy Halloween! As you and your pals suit up for a door-to-door raid in search of sweets, Murphy is ready to drop two book treats in your bag. “In the Land of Retinal Delights” is a comprehensive catalog that showcases over 150 artists over 192 pages including: Mark Ryden, Margaret Kilgallen, Barry McGee, Doze Green and many of the “Juxtapoz” brethren.

Order today and receive the recent “Green Day Art Project” catalog curated by Logan Hicks and published by Pat’s Management Company. This handsome 48-page catalog features today’s top stencil artists as they pay homage to 18 songs written by Green Day. Artists include: Meggs, Logan Hicks, Ron English, Dabs/Myla and many others. This catalog is available for Free and extremely limited, as you would have been in attendance last week at the Stolen Space Gallery premiere in England. Thankfully I have a few on hand to offer. You can order yours here today.

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