Moon Questions, Lunar Love and New Works

Unsettled Moon

Nearly a full moon and one extra hour to enjoy the moonlight was celebrated on the eve of Halloween this year. You will have to wait until the eve of October 31, 2012 to experience this hallowed event once again.

Recently, I have been painting a series all about the moon, inspired by NASA’s decision to slap the face of our lunar friend, (codename LCROSS), with a bus-sized bomb racing into the south pole at 5,600 mph. NASA reported success on October 9, 2009, as enough space dust was raised to measure trace signs of water and ice.

Moon Core

Of course none of us had a “say” in the completed mission as I wonder, “What are the future effects after showing the world that it is “ok” to take a scientific swing at the moon? And does NASA recognize the irreplaceable responsibility of the moon? –the flow of tides, biodynamic farming (planting on a lunar cycle), the personal balance or imbalance of emotions and moods, the direct influence on weather based on proximity to the earth and more…”

Moon Beams

And so, the NASA LCROSS story will continue to unfold and possibly raise further questions about the legitimacy of the celebrated lunar landing and Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon July 20, 1969. “If we landed on the moon, walked the moon, posted a flag that fluttered in the wind (moon has no wind), and returned safely back to earth in a small capsule…Why did NASA need to spend 79 million on the LCROSS project? Why didn’t NASA create a moon rover, place it on the moon, and look for water and ice over a much larger surface of the moon by probing its surface?”

gr2 Post-it IV

Maybe my creative minded pursuits conjure questions that can’t be answered. Thankfully I can exercise thoughts on paper. The following paintings are in celebration of my lunar curiosity and preparation for the upcoming GR2 Post-It IV exhibition curated by Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson to be held on Saturday, December 5th.

If you want to see a great movie, check out the documentary, “On the dark side of the moon,” directed by William Karel and co-produced by Point du Jour Production and ARTE France. Disney, Stanley Kubrick and Nixon were all said to have crafted an all out Hollywood production to improve the United States of America image, win the Star Wars race and create some of the most beautiful space images ever seen at that time. You can check it out on YouTube and it is an eye opener. Part One. Part Two. Part Three.

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