The Green Day Art Project

Green Day by Logan Hicks

Green Day and their management company have teamed up with Logan Hicks to assemble 18 world-class stencil artists from around the world. To complement Green Day’s European Tour dates, all 21 original art pieces will be on display at the D*Face gallery, Stolen Space, October 22 through the end of the month.

Cover of "The Green Day Art Project" featuring extra paint and varnish by Meggs

Featured artists assembled by curator Logan Hicks include: M-City, Meggs, Peat Wollaeger, Pisa73, Ron English, Sadhu, Sixten, The London Police, Will Barras, Adam (5100) Feibelman, Broken Crow, C215 (Christian Guémy), Chris Stain, Component, Dabs/Myla, Jeremiah Garcia and Lucamaleonte.

Will Barras

Logan Hicks is a New York based stencil artist who is no stranger to innovation and collaborative projects. Logan consistently explores the dynamics of the urban landscape, where the hiss of a spraycan echoes the gritty mechanics of urban life. Logan originally discovered stenciling by experimenting with mediums in concert with his love of silkscreen printing. Logan creates large assemblages that capture urban moments for hope and contemplation. You can check out more of his work here.

Ron English

Green Day’s exhibition premiere will feature all of the original works, as well as a 52-page catalog designed by Mark Murphy of Murphy Design Inc. entitled, “The Green Day Art Project.” Mark has always been a big fan of Logan’s work and is honored to have been chosen to capture the grit and passion of the featured stencil artists. Ever since Mark’s business began in 1991, he has strived to create original, one-of-a-kind artifacts for collectors and fans of cultural happenings. And this catalog is no different, as spot-varnish, matte papers and rich printing by Global PSD will be featured on every page. (PS, the project is currently in final production).

Dabs/Myla and the Lyric and Artist Line UP

“The Green Day Art Project” catalog pages feature hand made typography created out of old window screens; Logan Hicks sprays and splatters; inspired artworks by Dabs/Myla, Logan, Ron English and Meggs (on the cover). Fans will appreciate the details, as a catalog of 18 Green Day song lyrics are presented, along with photography of the band by Marina Chavez.

The above B/W image is the varnish plate for the page above. It is a special effect that will offer the reader a subtle sheen, once printed, when analyzed in the light.

“The Green Day Art Project” is another great symbol of how artistic culture is essential to our world. I am proud to contribute to an inspirational pool authored by dynamic and complementary artisans from all over the world. Kind thanks to Green Day, Green Day’s management company, Logan Hicks and all of the inspired stencil artists. This project rocks. Oh yeah, and Green Day’s management is providing these catalogs for free at the Stolen Space Gallery. Make sure you find a pal in the UK to pick one up for you. Sweet.

Green Day Portrait by Marina Chavez

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