SDVAN Creative Panel Thursday @ 6PM

“Survey Select” has been a valuable resource for the fine art community in the Southern California region since July 15. With 3 more weeks to go, I am working hard to offer innovative programming that introduces you to film, workshops, lectures and inspired artists who have made this exhibition possible.

Thursday night is no exception, as SDVAN founder, Patricia Frischer, San Diego CityBeat writer, Kinsee Morlan, Local artist, collector and writer John Purlia and Dr. turned full-time artist, Mark Jesinoski present a spirited conversation about collecting, archiving, promoting, writing and participating in the art world.

Tonight’s SDVAN panel takes place at “Survey Select” at 6 PM located at 1400 Imperial Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101. To prepare for tonight’s grand occasion, please meet our distinguished panel presented by tonight’s moderator, Mark Murphy.

Patricia Frischer is a founder and the coordinator of the San Diego Visual Arts Network which funds the SD Art Prize, directory and events calendar and SmART Collector features. She has curated the Movers and Shakers: Who’s Who in SD Visual Arts and Little & Large promotions and is currently preparing Art Meets Fashion for 2011. Frischer has taken on the roles of gallerist, curator, writer, teacher, website coordinator and artist. Her many metamorphoses make her difficult to fit into any of the usual art world categories. She is author of The Artist and the Art of Marketing has lectured extensively on marketing for artists. Frischer is a trainer of artists’ agents, art dealers, consultant and collectors (details at ArtPro Her own artwork has been shown internationally.

Patricia writes, ”My vision for San Diego in the near future is to see projects where all the professional visual arts establishments can come together as a united front to demonstrates the strength of the visual arts in our region and state, country and world. It is only by encouraging the population at large to support culture and by obtaining art that we can all thrive.”

Meet, Kinsee Morlan, who loves San Diego artists, artwork and cool happenings. Kinsee is a writer for San Diego CityBeat who interviews, writes, photographs and promotes great artists from all genres. Here is a brief introduction:

“On and off for the last six years, Kinsee Morlan has been the arts and culture editor for San Diego CityBeat. In the recent past, she put on binational art shows with her arts collective, Adapta Project, opened an alternative gallery in Colorado called The Red House Gallery and the Red House Annex and is a local-art collector and enthusiast. ”

And when asked, “What inspires you?” Kinsee writes, “People inspire me. It's truly the people behind the paintings and projects that make me want to write, collect art and find out more about art.”

Another local artist and writer, who has recently left the corporate world to pursue his artwork full time is San Diego native, John Purlia.

“John Purlia is a writer and photographer living in La Jolla, California. His photographs are still-life narratives, staged and shot within the confines of a 30” light tent. Vintage record albums form the background context for each of his pieces, with vinyl 45's supporting the stage, and playful figures and other found objects providing the players. Vibrant, candy-like colors bring these dioramas to life and enhance the child-like quality he strives for in his photographs. His most recent solo show, Seven Signs of the Kewpie Apocalypse, was a tour de force of cuteness and curiosity, including large-scale photographs, installations, stop-motion animation, and video slideshows.”

Jonathan Viner/Jeff Soto/Ray Caesar

John’s writings on the arts have appeared in numerous publications, including award-winning monographs about the artwork of Jeff Soto, Jonathan Weiner and Ray Caesar published by Murphy Art Books. John will be presenting his love for fine art collecting and how he identifies with “the really good stuff.”

Next, meet Mark Jesinoski a part-time post-doctoral fellow in Clinical Psychology at San Diego State University and a full-time artist.

“Mark’s journey has taken him from his small-town Minnesota origins, to the coal mines of Wyoming, to graduate school in Northern Utah, to post-graduate work at the University of San Diego and San Diego State University. Laced throughout Mark's journey has been a constant process of observing himself and the world around him through the looking glass of the visual arts. Paralleling Mark's development as a clinician has been his development as a painter. For Mark painting began as unconscious expression and became deliberate practice; an exploration of process in the context of mind, body, spirit. Within this dynamic, content is what we see, feel, touch; it is the stuff we observe in an image, experience in the moment...perceive. Process transcends and underlies content; the musical intonation of our spiritual self.

Mark is inspired by the pursuit of process, life as practice, and therein, to smile, to love, to never take oneself too seriously. Mark will be chatting more about his transformation from Dr. to artist.

Featured image in Survey Select by Barbara Nessim

You can participate in this event and more by visiting “Survey Select” at 1400 Imperial Avenue, SD, CA, 92101 Tuesday through Sunday 10 AM to 5 PM with nightly events. See you soon.

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